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Dexter has traveled far and wide and knows a lot about AMMs, and now brings all the wisdom into building his AMM based on Persistence Core. Let’s dive into the blueprints!
AMMs have revolutionized markets by allowing users to trade anytime without needing a counterparty. Pioneered by Uniswap in 2018, they serve as an essential building block in DeFi.
Dexter v1 will bring tried and tested AMM mechanisms to the Interchain, inspired by the best innovations in all of DeFi, and will support assets from other IBC-enabled chains.
At launch, Dexter would feature the following types of AMMs :
  • Stableswap Invariant Pool (Upto 5 Assets) - Inspired by Curve
  • Weighted Pool - Inspired by Balancer
  • Metastable Pool - Inspired by Balancer